If you are familiar with the term “Snowbird” then you know it has nothing to do with birds, but everything to do with snow. Vero Beach has long been an escape destination from harsh winters across the country. At South Beach Place we open our doors to guests who come to find a bit of warmth and sunshine to heat things up a bit.

 Although we are not in South Florida per se, Vero Beach is Where The Tropics Begin.

With all things, there is a beginning and for us it is the months of September and October. You will not see an obvious change in season, no leaves turning majestic fall colors, instead there is a lull. A quiet anticipation of what is to come…SEASON! For Vero Beach that means a doubling of residents, cars, activities and traffic. Endless opportunities to attend events, parties, fairs even parades. It is a time of year not to be missed, if you can find a hotel room that is.

If ever you were looking for a quiet time of year to visit, That time is now.